Jobs. School Vouchers. Renewable Energy. The Opioid Crisis. Minimum Wage. Pro-Life. Meals on Wheels. Assault Weapons. Fracking Severance Tax. Funding Public Schools. Climate Change. Pro-Choice. Transgender Rights. Income Taxes. Funding for the Arts. Net Neutrality. Terrorism. Citizens United. Fossil Fuels. Safeguarding Our Voting Systems. Trade Wars. Gun Control. The Poor People’s Campaign. Gay Marriage. Planned Parenthood. Medicaid. Fake News. Property Taxes. The Affordable Care Act. Income Inequality. The Right To Bear Arms (the 2nd Amendment). Making Higher Education Affordable.

There is an explosion of concerns across the political spectrum. There are extremes on the left, extremes on the right, and most of us somewhere in the middle, struggling to cope with it all.

Being a candidate for office is a huge challenge. Representing the diverse spectrum of voters is complicated. It feels like our elected officials are disconnected from the wishes of the voters and beholden to their big donors.

As a candidate for Representative in the Pennsylvania General Assembly I pledge to work every day I am in office with one driving question: “What can I do to improve things for the people of the 107th District and the people of Pennsylvania?”

My top priorities are:

JOBS – Focused efforts to bring solar and wind power manufacturers to the state. Legalizing recreational marijuana could produce 16,000 jobs.

BALANCING THE STATE BUDGET WITH NEW REVENUE STREAMS – Severance tax on fracking $300 Million, tax on recreational marijuana $200 Million, fair share wealth tax on dividend income and capital gains up to $2 Billion.

FUNDING PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND HIGHER EDUCATION – An educated and skilled workforce are critical to job creation and economic prosperity. Pennsylvania ranks 46th in state support provided for education. With the additional revenues noted above, we can provide funding for economically disadvantaged school districts and property tax rebates for our elderly population who are most affected by the problems associated with the current public school funding formulas.

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